Happy Fiesta!!!!!!!

During the holidays my family and I drove to Hamilton to attend the Filipino fiesta. Because I really wanted to eat Filipino foods.


I excited to eat my favourite food called “banana Que”, my friends and I went to the store to buy some, it was yummy and I felt that I’m back home in Philippines.


I notice something that I really wan’t to try. So I went to the line and wait for my turn to shoot the ball into the ring. Finally its my turn, but sadly I only shoot it  once so they guy only gave me a paper fan. I really wanted the shirt that said “Bilib kaba sa pinoy?”  so I tried it again and finally I got it in 3 times and i got the T shirt that I wanted. I was so happy at the end.


We were tired of walking around so we went to the hall to watch basketball, we cheered for the team even though we didn’t know the people from the team. But it was sad because we thought the team that were cheering was the winning team but it wasn’t. So we change to cheer to the other team.Then we got tired of shouting so we went outside to buy some food.


After we finished eating we played a game called “Who am I” while we were waiting for my mum and dad to pick us up.After 15 minutes my mum and dad came to pick us up and we drove back to our motel.I was very happy becouse i get to eat Fillipino foods again. 😀




How to print with polystyrene


*Get a piece of paper


Draw your NZ icon to the piece of paper

Step.3 Trace your NZ icon to the polystyrene

Step.4 Roll a paint on the polystyrene using the roller

Step.5 Stick it to the piece of paper then roll it.

Step.6 Pull the paper off the polystyrene

Step.7 Wait for it  to dry

Then your done!!

Surprise Party

2 days before the school break came to a start we prepared a surprise party for Mr. T.We made a huge card that had all of our opinions saying how much fun we had him as our teacher . We planed to brought stuff for the party , Braidey and I brang some juice ,Tash brought balloons and Ella baked a cake .We made banner too saying we will mis you Mr.T. The next day all of us went to grace hall to plan for Mr T’s surprise party. It was a huge success.Mr.T was so glad to see all of us throw  such a great party for him. Challenge were, a lot of people mucking around.

Ellie and the secret potion Book review

Ellie and the secret potion . Author: Gillian Shield

Ellie Book

Ellie and her friends, (six-special mermaids ) who are pure of heart to collect   the new secret crystal from the crystal cave. But the evil mermaid   mantora wan’t  to stop them getting the crystal cause she’s wanna rule the coral kingdom.

“Waikanae pools”

It was Friday and I was wondering what was going to happen next. I had heard about pool day in the newsletter but I wasn’t keen to go swimming. Albizia and I didn’t go swimming with the others so we both sat down and watched the races. We were cheering and supporting the people who were in the races. We both enjoyed the day by occupied by watching the clouds and telling each others stories which was funny. At 2:30 we all made our way back to school. Thinking “man that was fun’